Nagarvalam Movie Review

Balaji Balakrishnan who is best known as Yuthan Balaji was accredited for his role in ‘Kana Kaanum Kaalangal’ TV serial, ventured into silver screens through Pattalam. The young passionate actor is yet awaiting for his break, has come up with a romantic drama – Nagarvalam. Written and directed by Markx, Deekshitha Manikkam stars opposite Yuthan Balaji as his love interest has Pawan Karthick music.

Nagarvalam Cast & Crew

Cast: Yuthan Balaji, Deekshitha Manikam, Yogi Babu, Bala Saravanan, Namo Narayanan, Mari Muthu, ‘Vettai ‘Muthu Kumar, T.Ravi, ‘Anjathae’ Sridhar
Written & Director: Markx
Producer: M. Natarajan
Banner: Redcarpet Production
Music: Pavan Karthik
Lyrics: Mohan Raja
D.O.P : Thamizh Thendral
Editor : J.V.Manikanda Balaji
Choreography : Kalyan , Nandha
Release date: 21st April, 2017
Censor: U
Length: 2 hours 13 minutes

Nagarvalam Story & Review

Set in North Chennai, the plot revolves around two teens Yuthan Balaji and Deekshitha Manikkam whose lives get complicated after they get dragged into an unexpected murder that has no connection with them. Balaji essays the role of a drinking water lorry driver working in Chennai Corporation falls in love with Deekshitha, a resident of the area where he supplies water, at first sight. Both of them are from very different backgrounds, develop feelings for each other. Their romantic life goes smooth, until they find themselves being dragged into a murder, and that chases them apart. The villain, who is responsible of the murder, an influenced person pushes him into the case and the film gets more interesting when hero fights them back.

Taking a simple plot in hand, Markx has delivered it with an intriguing screenplay that makes audiences to stick with the film. The comedy track that has lined-up with Yogi Babu and Bala Saravanan makes us to laugh at times. Yuthan Balaji has done a terrific job in this movie which we believe it would shape his career while Deekshitha has done justice to her role. The movie might be very engaging if the director has given the same treatment throughout the movie, however the film fails to engage the audience due to slow pace. Background score and songs haven’t go well with the movie and in fact that becomes a distracting factor when the movie evokes curiosity of what will happen next.

Overall, Nagarvalam is a good movie to watch. It should have been a better movie if it had a gripping narration.  However, we had a good time watching the movie.