This Mr. Bean catching Pokémon video has gone viral on the internet

The entire world is going crazy about the new augmented reality game, the Pokémon Go, and the Mr. Bean fan has taken the game to a new level that is so hilarious. He somehow found a clip of Mr. Bean that exactly shows the attitude of Pokémon Go enthusiasts.

Although the game screen strictly warns users to stay aware of their surroundings, the gaming freaks do all sort of things and go all sorts of places where they are actually restricted to do so. Earlier this week, a Frenchman caught in the Indonesian military base while he was busy hunting new creatures. And, the list goes big.

This video features Mr. Bean walking in the middle of traffic, over benches, causing jams on the way, and not even realising that all of that is happening in his surroundings. But, the actual intent was to show the hyper-attitude of Mr. Bean following the updates on his phone or wanted to get a right shot using his video camera. This is how the Pokémon Go users behave when there is a Bulbasaur around. Have fun watching the video right here:

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