#MissAmerica: Savvy Shields Crowned Miss America 2017

Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields was delegated Miss America 2017 on Sunday night.

Shields won the ability rivalry on the second night of preliminaries with a jazz move to a tune from the TV show “Crush.”

Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty — the main straightforwardly gay hopeful to win a state title — was not picked as one of the main 15 finalists in Sunday night’s broadly broadcast exhibition.

The active Miss America 2016, Betty Cantrell, passes on the crown to Gorgeous Savvy Shields, newly crowned Miss America.

“Miss America is a glamorous role, yes, but behind the scenes it is… not so glamorous. I don’t think I truly become ‘Betty, Miss America’ until I get to the event and the crown goes onto my head. I thought I never wanted to take it off, but now sometimes it’s just like, ‘Ugh, do I have to wear the crown?,’” Betty told Cosmopolitan. “And I hate to say, I hate to say that. I’ve worked so hard for this crown, I should just want to wear it all the time, as much as I can, because it’s just one year I get to wear it and I’m not allowed to wear it ever again.”

“I’ve made a lot of connections in Nashville because I want to be a singer, and I’ll be moving there in November or December, hopefully, to pursue my country music career,” she added. “I’m ready to kind of move on with my life as Betty. It’s definitely bittersweet, but yes, I’m ready to just crown the new girl and let her put her mark on the Miss America organization.”

The opposition highlighted candidates from each of the 50 expresses, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.