Mentally ill contestants held captive in crazy Bigg Boss Asylum

Bigg Boss Asylum: It is going to be an eventful week in the Bigg Boss house because of the crazy tasks being given to the Bigg Boss contestants. As a part of Luxury Budget Shopping Task, the housemates will have to imitate as mentally disorder patients while the Bigg Boss house turns into a crazy mental asylum.

In an interesting development, contestants are assigned special roles where Vaiyapuri will play the chief doctor of the asylum and Shakthi as ward boy. The housemates were physiologically affected during their stay in the Bigg Boss house and the house leader Snehan seem to be the most dangerous patient in the asylum.

It’s no doubt that Julie exhibits extraordinary performance while other contestants have done justice to their roles. Bindu Madhavi, on the other hand, had quite an interesting conversation with Gayathri where she happened to ask about Bharani and why they had cornered him. Unable to answer to her questions, Gayathri became anxious and lost her temper. Here’s a look at the promos for episode 38 on Bigg Boss Tamil.