Make Money Online With ChampCash Android App – ChampCash Review

If you’ve landed here, then I bet you are looking for some information about ChampCash App, which is a mobile app that allows you to earn money by installing apps, completing tasks and referring new members to the program.Cash Android App – ChampCash Review

A bunch of doubts would arrive to your mind such as how the app really works? How you can make money? Is ChampCash legit or scam? Is real money or fake money? Etc…

So, I started digging about the app on the internet and I’m going to share all the details that I found all these days.

A lot of interesting things about the app is down here. Keep scrolling!!!

What is ChampCash?

‘ChampCash’ is an Android mobile app which is basically a MLM (Multi-level Marketing) program. Backed by Champion Networks Pvt Ltd, ChampCash business model is MLM and the company is alive for more than a year now.

Since it is a multi-level marketing program, you’ll need to introduce the app to your friends and known ones and ask them to join the program. There are seven levels in this program and bumping to each level will earn you more money.

How ChampCash Makes Money?

ChampCash is a free app and you don’t need to shell out some cash from your pocket. All you need an active internet and a smartphone. You can earn by installing app on your smartphone, completing tasks like surveys, opinion polls, etc, and referring new members to the program.

How to Get Started?

The ChampCash app is available only on Android and it is free to download.

  • Download and install the app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and sign up. You should enter some basic details.
  • It will ask for Referrer ID in order to complete signup process. Without a valid referrer id, you’ll not be able to sign up. You can use the Refer ID 7379376 to signup.
  • After completing the signup process, login to your account and start earning money.
  • You’ll get $1 as joining bonus added to your account.

How you can earn money?

By Completing Tasks

Once you are in, you’ll asked to install 8 to 10 apps at least to start making money through this app. Just install all the apps and you’ll be given access to make unlimited money.

If you don’t need these apps, you can uninstall them after 10 days. All you have to do is to install the apps, launch them and get paid. You don’t need to register to each app.

You can check these daily tasks by going to Home>>”Earn Money” icon in your ChampCash app. You can regularly find number of tasks that you can complete & earn more.

earn unlimited money champcash

Shopping & Paying Bills through the App

You can purchase products online on Flipkart, Paytm, Amazon, etc through ChampCash app and you can earn commission for the purchases made through the app.

Likewise, you can earn commission by paying utility bills and recharging your mobile using Paytm wallet  through the app.

Referring New Members

Here comes the real business. Since it is a free program, you can invite your friends and close ones to join the ChampCash and you’ll be paid for each referral you make.

ChampCash claims you can earn up to 1$1 million by referring new members. You need to ask your friends to join the ChampCash app using your Refer id. You can find your refer ID in your account.

You can promote your refer id on your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and wherever it is possible. When you refer new members, you make money and if they refer and make money by completing tasks, you’ll get referral commission for that too.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As per ChampCash, you can earn up to $1 million per month. So how it is possible?

By install apps and completing tasks, you can earn money and that won’t get closer to $1 million.

As I said earlier, ChampCash is a MLM program, so you need to build you tree, the more members you have under your tree, the more money you can make.

Here’s how you can make $1 million:

How ChampCash Pays?

You can redeem money by

  • Mobile Recharge (minimum Rs. 10)
  • Direct Bank Transfer (minimum $10)
  • Flipkart E Gift card redeeming (minimum $10)

ChampCash Tricks to Make More Money

You can create any number of accounts, so change your IP and create number of accounts to get high payout.

Whole signing up for fake profiles, you can enter random mobile number as they won’t verify it.

The referral amount will be credited to your account in less than an hour.


As you don’t need to invest money in ChampCash, you can give it a try. You can earn money without investing money, except your time. You can make a decent amount per month which you can use it as your pocket money. It’s a good opportunity for college goers, students, housewives, and job hunting people.

Don’t forget to use the Refer ID 7379376 when signing up to ChampCash app. If you have any doubts or questions, you can ask via comments below.

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