Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review

Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review: The much awaited movie of director Suseenthiran’s periodic film Maaveeran Kittu has released today. The film stars Vishnu Vishal and Sri Divya playing the lead characters while R Parthiepan, Kasi Viswanathan, Harish Uthaman and Soori in the supporting roles.


To say about the movie in a single line, the movie is about the voice of oppressed community against the cast system in the early 1980’s. Suseenthiran has written screenplay  and directed the film and jointly produced by Icewear Chandrasamy, D.N.Thai Saravanan, Rajeevan under the banners of Nallu Samy Pictures and Asian Cine Combines. Music of the film is handled by D Imman, while Cinematography by Soorya.A.R and edited by Kasi Viswanathan.

Cast & Technicians

  • Vishnu Vishal as Kittu
  • Sri Divya as Gomathi
  • Parthiepan
  • Soori
  • Kasi Viswanathan
  • Harish Uthaman
  • Written & Directed by – Suseenthiran
  • Producer – V.Chandrasamy, D.N.Thai Saravanan
  • Music by – D. Imman
  • Cinematography – Soorya.A.R
  • Edited by – Kasi Viswanathan
  • Banner: Asian Cine Combines & Nallu Samy Pictures
  • Music Label – Saregama
  • Release dates – 2 December 2016
  • Runtime – 2 hours 5 minutes


Maaveeran Kittu is a good and bold attempt in Tamil cinema industry that showcases the cruelty of caste system in the early 1980’s which is even existing today, but not that severity as followed in olden days. The film gives a slap to everyone’s face, who still manhandles oppressed community or lower caste people.

Vishnu Vishal as Kittu is a college student and a lower caste guy studying in a college where Sri Divya (Gomathi) belonging to upper caste studies. The caste system was so brutal those days that restricted lower caste people from entering temples, residing in village as they have to live in a separate place, even the dead bodies are not allowed to be carried through the village.

Parthiepan as Chinna Rasu from lower caste, raises voice against upper caste who wants Kittu to become IAS  as a voice for the lower caste. He believes that he can bring change to his people. Meanwhile, Kittu and Gomathi fall in love with each other.

In the interim, Oppressed people start a bus service for their people. The villain Selvaraj (Harish Uttaman) and his father Nagineeru wanted to ruin their plan and Kittu’s which to become an IAS. Selvaraj was a local cop and they decided to finish off their dreams through a cunning plan.

As usual, the rest of the story tells how Kittu and Chinna Rasu outsmart their plan.

The highlight of the movie is the hard hitting dialogues and punches. Vishnu Vishal has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Maaveeran Kittu. As usual Sri Divua has done her job perfect, she comes as a lovely girl and there is nothing to do more for her.  Parthiepan is the second hero in the film, each and every dialogue he speaks, is a slap for those who are in power mistreating lower caste people. His performance is brilliant.

Visually, the film is very good and appealing to be in the 80’s. Thanks to the cinematographer Soorya.  Suseenthiran should be appreciated for taking such serious subject and has handled very well. The first half of the movie is extremely goof when compared to the second half.

It’s a bold attempt, however the intensity of the subject should have been pushed forward, which we though a miss in the plot.

Maaveeran Kittu is a good movie with no hard feelings.

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