My love is true but your silence hurts me, Oviya says to Aarav

It’s no doubt that Oviya has grabbed the attention of everyone, thanks to her good looks, pretty acts and for being herself in the Bigg Boss Tamil. The gorgeous Oviya proposed model and aspiring actor Aarav on the very second day of the show. But, Aarav didn’t tell anything in the affirmative to her, brilliantly avoided with a grin.

The love episode began with a casual conversation among Oviya, Raiza and Aarav where Oviya pulled his legs asking about his relationship status and he hasn’t dated anyone yet. Raiza played her part well adding fuel to the conversation which ended up with Oviya proposing to Aarav. She said Aarav has all the qualities that she has been looking for and he is the perfect man for her. “So many have proposed me. I am proposing someone and I am not getting a reply only,” said Oviya.

It seemed Aarab tried his best to avoid answering to per proposal but ended the conversation with smile. He thought it was a prank but it looks like they both have developed feelings for each other which are clearly evident through their acts in the Bigg Boss house. Oviya and Aarav were put up in the same team even during the tasks given to them and apparently other contestants were also desperately helping them in one or the other way.

Oviya, Bharani and Ganja Karuppu were the nominees for the second week eviction, and much to the surprise everybody were shocked on learning that Ganja Karuppu is the one to be expelled from the house. It was disheartening moment for most of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house and they couldn’t bale to come out of the shock and were seen discussing about his eviction.

Meanwhile, Oviya and Aarav were seen discussing about his elimination where Aarav said that he wasn’t able to accept the fact that Ganja was eliminated and on what basis did viewers vote for him. But, Oviya said the other way, “It isn’t happy for you as I survived the elimination and it doesn’t look like you are happy for me.”

Oviya said that she truly loves him but his silence hurts her and if he doesn’t turn on her, she won’t bother about it. She asked him whether he loves her or not for which Aarav didn’t answer anything in favor of her. Will Aarav accept her love? Let’s wait and see.