Lady Gaga unveiled a surprise single The Cure at Coachella

Lady Gaga surprised her fans at the Coachella Music Festival last night, who performed ‘The Cure,’ a new single that will help her to regain popularity and a comeback of her after her last album Joanne upset them. The Cure is a fun upbeat pop number that would add to everyone’s summer favorites because it immediately grabbed the attention of music lovers.

The song tops the chartbuster of several online music streaming services, as we speak, and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. It is not sure whether this song is part of an upcoming album or not, but it is what her fans exactly wanted and the reactions on social media is evident and the excitement is real.

I’m sure, you’ll be listening to this song all day long while driving around with the windows down. Lady Gaga will go on a world tour later this year. Listen to this song here.