What Kollywood Stars Say about Jallikattu

The protest against Jallikattu ban in Tamil Nadu is getting bigger and bigger. Students and youngsters have taken the protest to the next level seeking Government intervention for a permanent solution to Jallikattu either by passing an ordinance or removing bull from the list of animals that should not be exhibited.

After the protest against Jallikattu ban has now became intense state-wide, Kollywood celebrities have extended their support, while some actors have raised their voice very beginning of the protest. Kollywood stars including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, Simbu, Suriya, GV Prakash, Sivakarthikeyan, Dhanush and several others have backed the protest.

Let’s see what Kollywood actors say about Jallikattu issue

Actor Kamal Haasan

Let me try to correct a misnomer that has come to stay with this issue… It’s not jallikattu; As it is traditionally known, thousands of years ago, it’s called aeru thazhuvudhal, which means embracing the bull which itself clearly indicates what the sport is all about. It’s not to be mistaken with matadors. (If animal activists are upset) They must then ban biryani. I think it is a part of our culture. Mr (Jagadish Chandra) Bose came with the discovery that plants have life. They react to your emotions, they do have pain, they discern pain. So, what are we going to do? Stop people from cutting lime? I have played the game. I’m one of the very few actors to have actually embraced a bull. It’s not a question of who wins; it’s how long you stay with the bull on the floor. I’m a Tamilian and I love the sport. It says so much about us. And it doesn’t kill a bull. If you cut the bull or hurt it, it’s like disbarring yourself from the game. More people die of motor vehicle accidents than would ever happen on a bull fight arena.

Actor Vijay

Law is only to preserve the culture and rights of people—Jallikattu is Tamils’ identity.  Hats off to all the youngsters, who are protesting against the ban without any personal gain and political support. If the arrested protesters get released, will feel happy. If the organization (PETA) responsible for the ban gets abolished, the entire Tamil Nadu will be happy.

Actor Simbu

Jallikattu is the cultural symbol of our state and it is our pride, too. It is utterly disgraceful when some groups and individuals manage to misguide and misinform the authorities of the governance and judiciary on this art that is considered as a cultural symbol of our state. Jallikattu is not the only game that portrays the bravery of Tamil people; it also protects our Indian cattle breeds too. Imposing a law against the popular sentiments of a particular state can never be a binding factor. We abide by the regulations of this country as a citizen of this country, but never at the cost of our cultural identity. I am awaiting to see the raging bulls and the courageous men together in the arena promoting the sport of valour this Pongal itself. After all, this is our festival, our culture and our sport.

Hip Hop Adhi

I got into the jallikattu debate in 2015 after coming across people protesting the ban on jallikattu on the Marina beach. It was a small bunch then hardly 20 or 30. But, on Sunday, on the same Marina beach, over 20,000 people took part in the protest march. This is proof that we have managed to create awareness around this topic. When I started talking about the issue and released Takkaru Takkaru, my short film-cum-music video on jallikattu, people asked how useful those were going to be. But this march shows that the fight has become a people’s movement now. In fact, when the organisers approached me to inaugurate it, I politely refused saying that it is time we stop banking on celebrities and face value alone to raise awareness for this as youngsters are coming out and doing it themselves. I’m raising a bull, Marudhu, and we both are waiting to enter the jallikattu arena once the court gives a positive verdict.

Actor Vikram

“I strongly believe and wish that Jallikattu, the traditional sport of Tamils should be held. My heartfelt support for the protest of Tamil people, especially to our youngsters and students. I’m sure the protest will become a huge success”


JalliKattu (aeru thazhuvudhal) is Tamilians culture and tradition and I’ll be the one among millions of Tamil people who wants to restore the tradition.

Actor Sibi Sathyraj

The AWBI and many animal rights NGOs have gone a long way in bringing down cruelty against animals in our country!For example I have heard many incidents of animals and humans being hurt/killed during film shoots in the 90’s and before that.

Thanks to the AWBI no such thing would happen today because there are strict rules and guidelines to be followed by film makers to ensure that animals are not hurt or ill treated.

The same way Jallikattu can also be regularised to ensure the safety of man and animal!Banning a traditional sport is not the solution! #IsupportJallikattu

Raghava Lawrence

Hi friends and fans, I don’t feel happy to wish you all for this Pongal as one of our rightful practice has been banned. Jallikattu is our cultural sport, and it represents our historical tradition.

I am proud to see how Tamilians from all sections have united to fight against this ban. If we are united as one, I feel our cultural rights cannot be taken away from us ever. We have kept our traditions alive for thousands and thousands of years, and I believe it will continue to remain so till mankind exist.

I pray to god that this ban is removed so that we can celebrate our cultural festival with joy!

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