KMKV fame Amit Bhargav opens up about Bharani

After Ganja Karuppu was eliminated from the Bigg Boss house last Sunday, the housemates ganged up together and started to corner Bharani, whom they expected to get evicted from the show. They criticized him publicly and projected him in a bad light. Gayathri Raghuram went further saying he has a history with women and she doesn’t feel secure without Ganja Karuppu (who is capable of controlling him) and can’t ensure the safety of women participants with him staying in the house.

Apparently, these sorts of articulation will hurt and test anyone’s endurance and the innocent Bharani who wasn’t able to tolerate and bear such kind of shaming words, pleaded to Bigg Boss to let him go out of the house. With no response from Bigg Boss, he tried to escape from the house by climbing over the walls. He was then evicted from the house for violating the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

I couldn’t able to understand, how people like Gayathri Raghuram and Snehan wearing a celebrity mask could humiliate a person this way. They should feel embarrassed for their worst behavior. They had never thought of the consequences that Bharani and his family and kids would confront in the outside world for projecting him as womanizer. They have literally spoiled his future. The irony is that Snehan talks about his character, who had organized ‘Dynamic Marriages’ in Tamil Nadu. Check out Dynamic Marriages videos on YouTube.

Amit Bhargav of Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai fame took to Facebook where he has gone live earlier in the day and spoke of his mind about Bharani. They both have participated in Achcham Thavie reality game show last year on Vijay TV. He said that Bharani is a person of dignity as he was with him for almost two weeks during the game show and he knows about him. He is not a womanizer as said by Gayathri and he is gem of person who respects women as his own siblings. Amit warned her that it is not acceptable pulling down the reputation of a person.

Though,  Amit Bhargav has nothing to do with the show or Bharani, he has come forward and clarified that Bharani is not a man as they stated, thanks to his generous kind. Watch the video below to know what he said about Bharani.