Karthick Naren Apologizes to Netzines For His Offending Tweet

Karthick Naren, who is basking in the success of D16, posted on his official social media handle that his next film Naragasooran will be more complex and challenging. However, his tweet grabbed negative attention among netizens, who criticized that he got head weight and ego after the film turned out to be a success one.

This is what he posted on Twitter, which gained negative impact, “#D16 success just proved that audience has really matured. Hence the screenplay of #Naragasooran will be more challenging and complex ;)

Reacting to the memes that were doing rounds against him, he clarified pointing to one specific meme, “Yesterday I made this tweet & this is how the internet responds. From when did praising the audience become “head weight” .. “overa pesadha” .. “oru Padam pannitu ivlo scene ah?”. I personally told in all the interviews that nothing is permanent in cinema & I am fully aware of that. Hope enjoying the hard earned temporary happiness is not a sin. Everything I speak is from a 22yr old kid who is yet to explore life. Im just worried about the fact that people are twisting every word into something they wish to hear. I just felt that I should address this instead of ignoring it & playing it cool. Im sorry if i offended anyone. PS: Deleted the tweet. Free speech is just a myth.