Kannada Actors Threatens to Torch Theatres that Screen Ajith’s Sathyadev IPS

We had earlier reported that Ajith’s 2015 blockbuster hit ‘Yennai Arindhaal’ will release today (March 3rd) in Karnataka as ‘Sathyadev IPS’. But owing to the current circumstances in the state, it looks like the film will not be screened in theatres across the state. A state wide protest was called earlier today against the screening of dubbed movies in the state.

The film fraternities have raised their voice against the release of dubbed movies in Karnataka. Vattal Nagaraj and Jaggesh have openly stated that they would torch the theatres that screen Ajith’s Sathyadev IPS if needed.

In a tweet, Jaggesh wrote, “I am so proud of my Kannada-loving boys, who are carrying forward my call for protest. They are the true soldiers of Kannada. They are not advocating the cause like social media tigers but have actually gone to the theatres to stop the screening and I thank them.”

If you recall, this is the first dubbed film that was slated to release after 20 years. An unofficial ban prevails in the Kannada Film Industry that not to dub other language movies and release in the state as that would affect the job opportunities of the locals.

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