Kanavu Variyam Movie Review

Kanavu Variyam Movie Review: Kanavu Variyam, a critically acclaimed flick that explores the power shortage in villages in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, when people of the state endured a considerable measure amid the hourslong power cuts. This flick was written and directed by Arun Chidambaram, who was then a software professional working in Chicago returned to Chennai with an aspiration of making a film that could inspire millions of movie lovers around the world.

This is the first Tamil and South Indian film to be distributed by Hollywood studio Warner Bros Pictures. After the production of the film was completed early last year, Kanavu Variyam premiered in several international film festivals and got recognition from international arena. The movie has won 7 International awards and 15 International Honours from 9 Countries. Kanavu Variyam is the first Indian Film to win 2 Remi Awards.

This movie has been praised and received overwhelming applause among movie enthusiasts in international arena and it’s a big pride for Kollywood for getting international recognition which is slated to release Friday 24, 2017. Check out Kanavu Variyam movie review and rating.

Kanavu Variyam Movie Cast & Technicians

Cast: Arun Chidambaram, Jiya, Ilavarasu, Black Pandy, Prof.Ku.Gnanasambandan, Yog Japee and Sendhi Kumari.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Lyrics & Direction: Arun Chidambaram
Music By: Shyam Benjamin
Produced By: Dr. A. Chidambaram, Karthik Chidambaram | DCKAP Cinemas
Cinematography: S.Selvakumar
Editing: Gaugin
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: February 24, 2017
Length: 120 minutes
Censor: U

Kanavu Variyam Movie Story & Review

Billed as a science entertainer, Kanavu Variyam spins around the power cuts and electricity deficiency in Tamil Nadu and the possibility for an innovative solution to the power cuts. Arun Chidambaram, who essays as Ezhil in the film, was an inventive guy in a village in Tamil Nadu. He quits his school when he was studying class eight due to his prolonged passion towards science and innovation. Ezhil was very much interested in science who constantly intends to learn about electrical devices how it functions and all sorts of things and create devices out of scraps. Subsequent to quitting school, on a typical day, Ezhil sees a radio technician repairing a radio, elevating curiosity inside him; he learns the working principle of radio from the mechanic and joins with him to work.

Meanwhile, he grew up as freaky science guy and will be inventing crazy electric devices and stuff, though he fails at most of them. The village people call him crazy freak (Kirukkan) as he will be do insane things. At the point when power cuts turns out to be a major concern for people in his village and other villages in Tamil Nadu influencing the livelihood of people due to which they were not able to get things done. They encounter power cuts for almost 16-18 hours a day and some time it might surpass past 20 hours. Due to power cuts, his business will be affected badly and that will make him to hunt for an innovation solution to power cuts affordably. Meanwhile, he will fall in love with Jiya Shankar, who plays Veena, and his love track travels simultaneously along with the story of the film.

At some point of time after several research, Ezhil decides that windmill is the only solution to the power cuts and engages himself to create an ease windmill that would help his business as well as to the people of his village. The rest of the story tells how he comes up with a modest windmill that could be used by people of his village.

The brilliancy of the director is clearly shown through the making of the film. With such a raw subject, it has the tendency to end up distinctly an odd narrative film, but Arun designs the script in a way more entertaining and commercial induced with sensible message. The movie will be engaging audiences’ right from beginning to the end with a flow of sequential yet interesting scenes and sequences.

Arun should be appreciated for taking an intense subject that involves lots of fun and entertainment, in fact, science by itself is a fun thing. It is his debut movie, but you won’t feel it while watching the movie. He has delivered his naturalistic performance which will be appreciated by movie lovers. Black Pandi comes as a close friend of Arun and entertains us wherever as possible. The comedies in the movie seemed to be not forced but the track travels naturally throughout the film. Jiya Shankar, who comes as love interest of Arun, doesn’t have big scope in the film and has justified her role. Other actors, including Ilavarasu, Gnanasambandan, Yog Japee, Sendhi Kumari,Lollu Sabha Easter, and TP Gajendran have performed well in the film.

There is a song in the film ‘Kalla Manna’ which portrays 51 traditional games of rural India which was visually appealing. This song has won the Best Youth Focus Music Video award at the Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival at Oklahoma, USA. All songs in the film were penned by Arun himself. Selvakumar has brought the realistic of villages onto the screens with his enthralling visuals. The background score was quite pretty good that perfectly blends with the movie.

Verdict: Kanavu Variyam is intriguing, appealing and enthralling. It’s a must watch film which will surely impress movie lovers of all class.