Kamal Haasan warns Rajinikanth on entering politics

People of Tamil Nadu have seen news channels debating on Rajinikanth venturing into politics, his fans protesting against some fringe outfits, individuals debating on social media, and lots of things surrounding his five-day fans meet.

However, Kamal Haasan, long time friend of Rajinikanth said, “Given the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu, I would say no one should enter politics. Not just Rajinikanth or any other actor. Any rational person will not do that.”

When asked about political parties allegations that he was not born in Tamil Nadu, he said, “One’s feeling as a Tamil is important rather than being born as a Tamil. Gandhi. Nehru, Bose are not Tamils by birth but many Tamil people keep the names of those leaders for their children. I am considered a Keralite by many Malayalees. If you ask whether I try to become the CM of Kerala, I would say I am not interested in that. ”

Speaking to reporters at an event here, he said, “Politics is about service and not about earning money. We must raise the salary for politicians and ask them to serve us well. But if you ask them to take it up as an act of sacrifice, they will use the opportunity in other ways.”