This is what Kamal Haasan has to say about Bigg Boss controversy

The Bigg Boss reality game show is becoming popular day by day and subsequently there are several controversies revolve around the show. Hindu Makkal Katchi filed a case against the reality show Bigg Boss and Kamal Haasan yesterday. In the later hours of the say, he called for press meeting and this os what he has to say about the show.

He said, “A wide range of fans are essential for me. Individuals who praised me while taking Vishwaroopam are restricting me now. Along these lines, I am not stressed over the argument against Bigg Boss or me. I have confidence in our law and our legal system and in our Government. I don’t need to reply to thise who have lodged a complaint. I can’t acknowledge the way that the show is defaming our way of life and culture. The show has been going on for as far back as eleven years in Bollywood. Bigg Boss is as vital as, as cricket is necessary for the nation. I’m grateful to the people, who have conviction and confidence in me.

“I wouldn’t lie by telling I am doing Bigg Boss for a social reason. If I had composed the screenplay for Gayathri Raguramm and given her, I can apologize, if her activities have influenced individuals. In any case, nothing is in my hands. They talk what rings a bell and it is normal. About the Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu controversy, nobody has debased the ballad. The greater part of them doesn’t know Tamil completely in that show, and consequently, they were taught Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu. It is not wrong and I don’t think they have debased or exhibited the ballad on a less expensive note. They are all talking about culture and tradition. When the culture hasn’t changed and ruined notwithstanding having kissing scenes in movies like Sattam En Kaiyil and others, I am certain Bigg Boss wouldn’t affect the culture and tradition. Likewise, there are discussions about usage of cuss words in the show. When we can’t kill and quit utilizing a malevolent awful word called, ‘caste’, I trust the words utilized as a part of the show aren’t as terrible as they proclaim.”

“Regardless of the possibility that Rajinikanth joins politics, I would address him if he doesn’t act effectively as indicated by circumstances. I was the person to tell that our system is not effective and has to be changed. Whichever Government it perhaps, I will keep on voicing out my feelings,” he told when he was asked about Rajinikanth and his political controversies.

When he was asked about Bhavana abduction case, he said, “It doesn’t make a difference if she is an actor or a normal woman. It is the obligation and duty of each and every man, including me, to protect women. We are not supporting Bhavana, on the grounds that she’s an actor. It is about the security of each and every woman. It doesn’t make a difference if I have told the name now. Why not the name? There is nothing wrong in it. Try not to shroud that name.”