Junior Bigg Boss Julie takes revenge on Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil: There has been ongoing conflict of raging war between Bigg Boss contestants Juliana aka Julie and Oviya for the past two weeks. Julie ached for revenge on Oviya after she suffered a heartbreaking defeat last week where Kamal Haasan exposed her double standard face in front of the housemates.

Subsequently, she lost the support of Gayathri and her gang, left lonely and thus she befriended Raiza Wilson. Snehan, Gayathri and Shakthi were so worried about Julie because of the makeover she went through this week, despite Snehan adviced her to be herself as the 100 days stay in Bigg Boss house isn’t big deal than real world.

Julie was thrown out of the house for few hours by the acting Bigg Bosses Gayathri and Aarav yesterday. She felt bad for being out of the house though she may not have learned the lesson until now. Her only target is Oviya. She desperately waits for a chance to revenge Oviya and has arrived.

Looks like Julie will be selected as the acting Bigg Boss in today’s episode. Utilizing her power, Julie takes on Oviya, by offering her some insulting tasks. But after resisting the inevitable for so long, Oviya loses her temper and hope. She says, ‘I’m done with Bigg Boss’. Oviya break down to tears while Snehan tries to console her.

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