Juliana, Gayathri Raguram, Namitha shamed on Social Media for bullying Oviya

Bigg Boss Tamil: After today’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil, armies of Oviya fans took to twitter to avenge their anger on Juliana, Gayathri Raguram, and Namitha for their substandard treatment to Oviya. The social media space has been flooded with tweets, videos and pictures praising Oviya and shaming others. The hashtag #Oviya is trending on Twitter India as we speak.

Here’s a look at the personal traits of the contestants. Gayathri thinks herself as superior, never goes easy with the inmates except her pals and wants to dominate everyone as she considers herself to be the honest and righteous person on the show. She targets her mates, makes them feel discomfort, portrays as the most evil person on the planet until they agree to what she says and makes them bow down to her. She is confined to a group of inmates who say yes to whatever she says.

Juliana has the worst trait that people have seen which is known to everyone, being cunning, double-faced, dishonest, unfaithful, and overall she is a Chameleon that camouflage itself to variety of colors and patterns depending on the situation. She fits with her and does anything to satisfy Gayathri’s most dangerous ego. She is like a sleeper cell and wants to be like others who have a high level of inferiority complex. She will not be happy herself and will not allow anyone to be happy.

Namitha has similar traits as Gayathri, a dominating character and wants others agree to what she says. No one knows why Raiza is on the show. Everyone’s opinion is her opinion. She doesn’t have any opinion on her own, a selfish and a disloyal character. So making up things with these characters do not make any sense. The saddening thing is, everyone on Bigg Boss, except few, say they came in to mould themselves, but it doesn’t like that way, they wants others to change for them.

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