Julie’s brother open talk: I feel quite embarrassed to see my sister on Bigg Boss

Juliana aka Julie attained fame during Jallikattu protest and her popularity fetched her opportunity to become one of the contestants in the first season of controversial reality show Bigg Boss. But, did she use it in right way? Absolutely not! Though, she gained popularity and fame via Bigg Boss, but that was all for the wrong reasons.

Julie has run into criticisms and troll ever since the very first day on Bigg Boss. She was saved from the elimination twice in the show, but she continues to be in her own way, playing double game with the contestants.

She has been faking all the time, trying to impress audience and the housemates in the Bigg Boss house, with that infuriating half-smile on her face.Literally, she failed to impress the audiences as well the housemates, who knew very well about her.

In an exciting development, Julie’s brother Joshwa said, “We sent her to Big Boss considering that she would gain different experience, but her name has been ruined by things that happen. It hurts our family. I hate to see my frustrated sister. We are waiting for her elimination and I’m afraid to see her on television every day.”

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