Jayalalithaa Love Affair with Telugu Actor Sobhan Babu: All You Need to Know

Jayalalithaa Sobhan Babu Love Relationship: It was due to Bharat Ratna MGR (Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran), Jayalalithaa Jayaram came into cinema as well as politics. Popularly called as MGR, an actor and politician, was a true mentor to Jayalalithaa and was everything to her until his death drifted apart their relationship.

He was the one who introduced her to Cinemas and Politics and the one who restricted her from acting in early 1980s as he wanted her to be his true political heir. The actor was impressed with her beauty and convinced her to play opposite to him in his movies. They had delivered 28 super hit films all together and their romantic relationship was good not only onscreen but also they had a great relationship off-screen as well.

Jayalalithaa was only 16 when she paired with MGR in their first film, who was 42 then. In 1963, MGR joined DMK attracted by CN Annadurai and became famous in a short time because of his popularity in cinemas. He parted from DMK in 1972, three years after CN Annadurai death, and formed a new party called AIADMK. With his popularity, he became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977.

Jayalalithaa MGR Love RelationshipAt that time, MGR was busily focusing on development on his party, and Sobhan Babu, Telugu matinee idol, entered Jaylalithaa life in 1970s. His charisma attracted Jayalaithaa towards him. In 1970s, MGR did several films with other young heroines and was preoccupied in politics. It was the time, when Jayalalithaa realized that she had been controlled and dictated by MGR everything from her pocket money to the clothes she wore.

In mid 1970’s, she starred acting with other actors and predominately with Sobhan Babu. She was attracted towards Sobhan Babu, who was younger than MGR, charming and was enormously prolific. They were close and he was a frequent visitor to Poes Garden. While she herself confessed to being in love with Sobhan Babu, mystery shrouds their rumoured marriage.

jayalalithaa shoban babu marriage relationshipIt is said that she marries Sobhan Babau in a secret wedding, while other claim MGR intervened and called off her wedding and put an end to their relationship.

In Amma: Jayalalithaa’s Journey From Movie Star to Political Queen, author Vaasanthi writes about the rumoured marriage:

“Her friends at that time were aware that she was in love with him, wanted to marry Sobhan Babu and settle down to a normal life like other women. Her schoolmate Chandini and her […] Pankaj Bhulani say that when they were invited for lunch at Poes Garden [Jayalalithaa’s residence], Jayalalithaa showed them a huge album with pictures of marriage ceremony with Sobhan Babu. Chandini says, ‘It was a pukka Brahmin marriage with panditji and ceremony. She said: ‘He is such a wonderful person. I am so happy.’ She blushed like a bride and I could see she was happy.”

However, no one else has claimed to have seen the album.

“According to her friend Srimathi, ‘She knew that Sobhan Banu was already married and had a teenaged son. But he charmed her… She did want to to marry him in the traditional Iyengar fashion. Probably like Vyjayanthimala, who married Dr. Bali, a married man. She asked for my help to make an Iyengar thaali – mangal sutra. She asked me to attend her quiet wedding that would take place in her house. She said she had already purchased sarees from Nalli. On that day, early morning at six, she called me and said the wedding was cancelled and hung up.”

Later, Jayalalithaa allegedly indicated her that there was objection from Sobhan Babu’s wife.

Jayalalithaa’s PRO Anandan had admitted, she was in love with Sobhan Babu and planned to marry him and it was MGR who thwarted her plans. Thus, her short-lived affair with Sobhan Babu came to an abrupt end.

She was highly criticized and projected her as a cheap woman and not suitable for MGR. That made her to quit film career and years after, she returned back with unmatched grit, but too another dimension. She lashed everyone who criticized her as a politician. She entered into politics in 1982, and she became the Member of Parliament in 1983 itself, and eventually became the Amma of Tamil Nadu.

jayalalithaa MGR political career and relationship

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