Jaguar Movie Review – 3.5/5 –Open Talk – Nikhil Gowda, Deepti Sati

Jaguar Movie Review: Jaguar is a 2016 bilingual romantic action – Telugu and Kannada movie, written by Vijayendra Prasad, directed by Mahadev and produced by HD Kumaraswamy.The movie deals with a sensitive subject on how Medical Colleges and Hospitals ruin the life of common people, portrays it in a sensible way.

Jaguar Movie Review

 Jaguar Movie Cast and Technicians

Jaguar has Nikhil Kumar and Deepti Sati in the lead roles, while Tamannaah made a debut in Kannada-language and will be seen in a special appearance.Music is composed by S Thaman. The film also has Jagapathi Babu, Sampath, Aditya Menon, Saurav Lokesh, Ramya Krishna, Aadarsh Balakrishna, Vinayak Joshi, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash, and Vidyulekha Raman.

The film was made with huge production value of Rs. 75 crore. Nikhil Kumar is the grandson Devegowda, making his acting debut with this film.

Jaguar Movie Review

Jaguar Movie Story Synopsis

Jaguar movie story is in the backdrop of medical colleges and hospitals owned by business tycoons Shauri Prasad and Somshekar, played by actors Sampath Kumar and Aditya Menon.

Arya, a character played by Adarsh, is a final year student who always fights for goodness and discipline inside the college campus.At a particular situation, Arya goes against the system when Ajay, a character played by Loki, creates a nuisance.

Nikhil, the hero of the movie, plays the character of SS Krishna, who is a first year MBBS student. Deepti Sati is the female lead of the movie.

The protagonist may look selfish, but he fights indirectly for the same cause as that of Arya’s. The film is all about how the hero stops the entire system from running medical colleges and hospitals in an illegal way.

Jaguar Movie Review

Jaguar Movie Upsides

Production Values

Jaguar Movie Downside

Usual story

Jaguar Movie Review Rating – 3.5/5