Ilayaraja Clarifies About Legal Notice To SP Balasubrahmanyam

The legal battle between Ilayaraja and SP Balasubrahmanyam over the copyright claim of using the former songs in concerts by the latter has turned out to be the controversial buzz in Kollywood. While several of the film fraternities and the fans of both the icons have involved in quarrel in social media, and some suggested that legal take on his issues is not needed when they can settle the issue through talks.

SPB revealed his take on the issue through a Facebook post stating that he will not sing songs composed by Ilayaraja in concerts. While the heat between them keeps on raking, Pradeep, the copyright consultant of Ilayaraja has now clarified why they have sent a legal notice to SPB.

In his statement, it is said that, though it is a legal notice, it should not be considered in that way because Ilayaraja had been fighting to safeguard his copyrights of his songs for the past three years, and this notice is a part of the campaign. It is not the notice to forbid the singer to sing songs composed by Ilayaraja, but it is to notify singers to get proper approval from him, that’s Royal Rights, before using his songs in concerts.

He also mentioned that Ilayaraja is not following the same practice with singers who use his songs in concerts in villages, but this is only with those who use his songs to make big money.  As per legal aspects, what Ilayaraja has done is right.