Ilayathalapathy Vijay Participated in Marina Protest Silently

Tamil Nadu has been in the headlines for few days now, people of all ages were protesting against the ban of Jallikattu from across the state in a peaceful manner. They have set a example of how the protest should be done without violence, or disturbing public but determinant on the objective of the protest.

Meanwhile, several actors have extended their support to Jallikattu protest by participating in the protest in Marina beach. Nadigar Sangam had organized a silent protest yesterday and many actors have attended to show their support for Jallikattu. However, Vijay didn’t participate in the protest saying its students protest and actors should not steal the limelight and distract the protest in anyway.

At the same time, Vijay participated in the Marina protest early morning today without any fuss. He was just one among the people at the protest and didn’t reveal himself by covering his face with handkerchief.  His gesture is commendable and took part in the protest along with people anonymously, and nobody knew that it was him and left the spot without any noise.

Vijay Marina Protest Photos

vijay jallikattu protest photos vijay jallikattu protest photos

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