Will Bigg Boss be banned?

Actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan hosting Bigg Boss reality game show has been involved in lots of controversies since the day the show went on airing on Vijay TV. Hatred, backbiting, mocking, conspiracy, manipulating, and politics were some of the events that we saw in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, Hindu Makkal Katchi has lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police, Chennai, seeking ban of the Bigg Boss show and arrest of Kamal Haasan and the 14 contestants. According to the complaint, “Bigg Boss is against the Tamil culture and is being aired to defame the traditions and culture of our people. It shows seven men and seven women in nude and they speak a vulgar language. This is bound to disturb the minds of people who are watching it. Kamal Haasan and the 14 participants should be arrested.”

There have been many conspiracy theories making rounds on the internet. Some say that Illuminati are behind the program manipulating people in physiological way that joint family system will create problems as you can’t be yourself and will need to act for the sake of others. There are many ways the show has direct or indirect impact on lifestyle. Whatsoever, Bigg Boss is getting popular day by day and these kinds of controversies are just a boost up to its TRP.

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