HBO’s Western Westworld sci-fi series arrives in October

HBO has finally announced the release date of its most anticipated western science friction show Westworld. The announcement came after this weekend’s Television Critics Association press tour where the network has confirmed that JJ Abrams’ and Jonathan Nolan’s TV adaptation will premiere on October 2nd at 9PM.

There were speculations around the adaptation since it was first announced in 2013. The TV show was originally scheduled for debut in 2015, but it was postponed due to production delays. The TV series is based on the 1973 Michael Crichton movie, an investigation thriller that involves both stimulated investigation and artificial intelligence.

During the TCA briefing, Nolan noted that the show will be exploring the nature of life and how artificial intelligence fits into the equation. This isn’t new territory for the writer, who recently wrapped up another show that worked with similar subject matter, Person of Interest.

During an earlier session, HBO’s president of programming also fielded questions about the sexual violence on its shows, saying that he “think[s] the criticism is valid. I think it’s something that people take into account. It’s not something we’re wanting to highlight or trying to highlight, but I think the criticism is point taken on it.”

Westworld premieres on October 2nd at 9PM ET.