Hackers stolen Disney’s latest Pirates of the Caribbean for a huge ransom

Though it is unofficial, Disney seem to be in trouble just yet as their upcoming movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” has been stolen by ransom hackers demanding the studio to pay a huge ransom or else it will be released online. The hackers has threatened they would release parts of the movie in increment if their demands weren’t met.

Disney has not revealed which movie the hackers have taken control yet, but it has confirmed that such incidents had occurred. The hackers have claimed to have stolen the movie and demanding a huge ransom to pay in Bitcoin as it is hard to trace. As per insiders, the studio will not pay the ransom and is currently working with the FBI.

This incident reminds of what happened with Orange is the New Black a few weeks ago, when a ransom hacker claimed to have taken the entire episode of the season, Netflix refused to pay and the 10 episodes of the series were released online.

The fifth installment of Jerry Bruckheimer’s Pirates franchise starring Johnny Depp is slated for a worldwide release on May 26, next Friday. The franchise has earned huge money for Disney at worldwide box office and the studio will not take chances as it would affect its box office collections.

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