Give Juliana an Oscar, says this popular celebrity

Bigg Boss Tamil: Juliana has been the talk of the netizens on social media platforms about her awkward activities on Bigg Boss Tamil reality game show. On day 25, Pro Kabaddi League franchise ‘Tamil Thalaivas’ amused the show, and as usual Juliana became over excited fell flat to the ground when she endeavoured to leave the ladies’ room.

After a couple of hours, Julie Julie began to shout like anything as she endured extreme stomach torment and was helped by the inmates. Regardless of the way that she has been experiencing torment, Gayathri Raguram, Namitha and Raiza Wilson charged her for acting.

Meanwhile, Julie burst out into tears over over the allegations made by Gayathri and Namitha. Oviya attempted to conciliate Julie. Oviya attempted to conciliate Julie, saying one ought to conquer every one of the hardships in life and dependably be sufficiently striking to confront them with a grin. She gave moral help and spurred her. Ironically, Julie, just to win the likes of Gayathri, acted fumblingly and accused Oviya for every thing happened.

Criticizing her remarkable performance on yesterday’s episode on Bigg Boss, Dharma Durai heroine Aishwarya Rajesh said that she deserves an Oscar, who seems to be impressed with her performance. Social media users have been trolling and criticizing Juliana for her double standard attitude.