Gayathri Raguram Scolds Oviya using the F-word in Bigg Boss Tamil

There is no doubt that Oviya is wining over the love of tens of millions of people, thanks to her good looks, easy going personality and practical attitude. Julie created a big scene, redefining drama in yesterday’s episode, but it is annoying to see Julie with that infuriating half-smile on her face, back-stabbing Oviya whenever possible, who stood by her side at her bad times.

Namitha has been triggering hatred on Oviya among other housemates in the recent episodes, and in yesterday’s episode, it has gone way longer, where Gayathri Raguram scold her using the F-word when a verbal fight broke out between the trio. She said “who the f**k is she to criticize me” which has shocked the audience.

The furious social media users trolled and criticized her for her bad behavior on a public platform on social media platforms. It isn’t the first time she has been criticized on social media for her foul language, who previously triggered an outrage for criticizing Oviya as “Cheri behavior”. Oviya has now become the talk among the viewers and people are casting their votes to her, showing their love on her.