Gayathri Raguram eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil show, lauds Oviya & apologizes to Bharani

Sunday’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil marks the end of Gayathri Raguram’s journey in Kamal Haasan’s TV reality show as she was evicted from the show in an unusual way. She was up for eviction along with Raiza Wilson, but she got lesser votes than her and thus apparently she was show the door by the audience.

This week’s elimination in the popular Hindi Bigg Boss counterpart- Bigg Boss Tamil, which is in its eight week, hasn’t come as a surprise for audience, and in fact even for Gayathri herself as it was speculated that she will be evicted from the show given that she was hated by most of the audience. Her activities during her stint in the show have angered audience and she was apparently the most hated contestants of the first season of Bigg Boss.

Gayathri’s elimination was unique by the way as Kamal Haasan asked the audience who were present in the sets (ironically most of them were production and crew members) to ask her questions as he was accused of being lenient to her throughout the show. She politely answered for all the questions fired at her, but at the same time, she isn’t ready to accept her mistakes or apologetic to them. The questions are deliberately mild and none of them put her in a spot.

Talking about her journey, she said that has just realized post eviction that it’s a game and appreciated Oviya for reminding her about it during her stint in the show. Yesterday’s episode reminded us that she hasn’t learnt a lesson from her mistakes and might be after watching all of the episodes she may realize her mistakes.

Audience were disappointed and expressed their anguish on social media over Kamal Haasan’s way of treatment for her because many feels that he was biased when it comes to Gayathri and even at her farewell, he did the same. It wasn’t long before that Julie was humiliated for her manipulation and swearing and made her to feel way too low by Kamal, but he was silent through the last weekend’s episodes.

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