Ganja Karuppu about Bigg Boss Tamil: The Fights, The Emotions, The Drama, Everything are Scripted

The popular reality show Bigg Boss Tamil has keep running into controversies ever since the day the show has gone on air on Star Vijay. There have been a couple of complaints filed with the police station against the Bigg Boss show and Kamal Haasan, the host of the show.

Kamal Haasan, who has been hosting the show, tried to clarify the accusations over the show with the contestants; however, people still claim that everything happen in the show is scripted. On the top of the claims, Ganja Karuppu, one of the contestants, who was eliminated from the show in the second week, has said that the entire show is scripted. We did what we are asked to do so.

Ganja Karuppu has recently given an interview to a Tamil radio, where he said that most of the drama moments and the fights between him and Bharani were scripted. There are about 110 cameras all around the set, which he means that there are more cameras in the Bigg Boss house and not the 30 cameras as they claim. He didn’t reveal much about the show as he has signed an agreement with the channel not to reveal anything about the show for 100 days.

Watch the video to know what Ganja Karuppu has to say about Bigg Boss Tamil: