Malayalam Movie Fukri Review

The most awaited Malayalam film Fukri staring Jayasurya and Siddique in the lead roles releases worldwide Friday February 3, 2017. This Friday will see only limited release in Indian languages, especially South Indian language movies. One of them is Fukri, a complete family entertainer and the plot is set around a Muslim family going by the name ‘Fukri’. Here’s is a complete review on Fukri review rating and public talk and audience live updates.

Fukri Movie Cast & Technicians

Director: Siddique
Producer: Siddique, Vaishak Rajan, Jenso Jose
Writer: Siddique
Cast: Jayasurya, Siddique, Bhagath Manuel, Lal, Prayaga Martin, Anu Sithara
Music: Viswajith
Cinematography: Vijay Ulaganath
Editor: K. R. Gourishankar
Banner: S Talkies, Vaishaka Cynyma
Distributor: S Talkies Release
Release Dates: February 3, 2017
Running Time: 2 hours 35 mins
Censor: U

Fukri Movie Review

Fukri  Story & Plot

Fukri is an unmitigated family entertainer revolves around the exceptionally blue-blooded Muslim family that goes by the name ‘Fukri‘, an exemplification of eras worth world class Royal heritage. Another romcom from the hit maker Siddique, this is the first of its kind with Lal, acting in a movie written and directed by Siddique.

Siddique as Sulaiman Fukri is the head of the family and the story spins around him inviting back his departed grandson and son back to his Fukri cottage. A progression of droll drama unfurls as the missing grandson turns out be a sham, a rascal who goes by the name Lucky. Lukeman aka Lucky is an engineering dropout who now survives by being a sham craftsman. Due to a series of coincidences he ends up in the Fukri bungalow as Jr. Fukri son of Ali Fukri, Sulaiman Fukri’s long lost son.

The story takes a turn as Ali Fukri, an itinerant traveller now returns home to find Lucky, a faker asserting to be his son. Ali Fukri accepts this as an open door to utilize Lucky as a pawn against his dad, whom he claims to be the reason in charge of his disappointments in life. Likewise Aaliya, a little girl of Ali Fukri and his niece Nafsi who is likewise the love interest of Lucky.

The story moves up a notch as Lucky deny helping Ali and reveals his real identity to Sulaiman Fukri and leaves the Fukri bungalow. But he is trailed by Ali, who plans to take him back to the Fukri lodge to be used to crackdown on Sulaiman Fukri for having destroyed his life. The story achieves its joyfully ever subsequent to closure as Lucky, now assumes the core part in sorting out the false impressions amongst Ali and his dad Sulaiman Fukri.

It’s a melodrama flick aimed at family audiences, a solo release in Mollywood, and that will gain momentum amongst Kerala audiences. It will make some profitable business to the stakeholders for sure. Siddique, Jayasurya and Lala have nailed the show with their realistic performances. The highlight of the film is its story and a nicely constructed screenplay. Others have given their best and in fact done justice to their characters. Viswajith’s background score takes the film to the next level. Though there are some hiccups here and there, on the whole, Fukri is good watchable family drama.