Fans lash out Juliana for back-stabbing Oviya, who was at her side at her bad times

Big Boss Tamil: Jallikattu fame Juliana aka Julie is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. In yesterday episode, Julie got excited and fell flat on the ground when she attempted to go out of the women’s room.

After a couple of hours, Julie started to scream like anything as she suffered severe stomach pain and was aided by the inmates. Despite the fact that she has been suffering from pain, Gayathri Raguram, Namitha and Raiza Wilson accused her for acting. Namitha was seen talking with Raiza that nobody can beat her when it comes to acting and was really impressed with her performance.

Meanwhile, Julie burst out into tears over the accusations made by Gayathri and Namitha. Oviya tried to pacify Julie, saying one should overcome all the hardships in life and always be bold enough to face them with a smile. She gave moral support and motivated her. But Ironically, Julie, just to win the likes of Gayathri, acted awkwardly and blamed Oviya for all the things happened.

It is annoying to see Julie with that infuriating half-smile on her face, back-stabbing Oviya whenever possible, who stood by her side at her bad times. Julie should be ashamed for her double standard personality. This act exasperated social media users, trolling and criticizing Juliana on social media platforms.