A fake message claiming Oviya exits Bigg Boss goes viral on Social Media

Indeed, Oviya has been majorly depressed and upset all through the week and so the Oviya Army of fans. If you are a regular watcher of the show, you might know the reason, or have a glance through these articles to make yourself comfortable.

In yesterday’s episode, Oviya said she has done with the show and want to go home. Taking advantage of the situation, someone claiming to have attended the weekend shoots, posted about Oviya and the post has gone viral as we speak.

It states that Oviya had requested Kamal Haasan that she wanted to leave the show citing health issues and after Kamal discussing with the show makers agreed to that. However, there’s no clarity in the post on whether she leaves the show or not, but looks like the post has done the job it is meant to.

Oviya fake message

It’s just a post that came up from nowhere, so take it light with a pinch of salt. On a related note, actress Bindu Madhavi makes a grand entry at the sets of the reality game show Bigg Boss. Is she a new contestant? Stay tuned!