DreamHost Hosting Flat $50 Off Promo Code For September 2017

DreamHost $50 Promo Code: There are numerous webhosting out there in blogging space yet DreamHost hosting is one of the best and reliable hosting companies in the market. When it comes to WordPress, they are the best in the market. Our website has been hosted on DreamHiost and so we have any hesitation in referring the hosting to our readers.

On a daily basis, numerous blogs go live and if you want to compromise on the performance of your website, we strongly recommend you to try DreamHost hosting services. To make you even more comfortable, we are offering a $50 off promo code on your hosting and a free domain of your choice.

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So, technically you’ll end you paying only the half of the amount and the rest is upon us. This discount is a giveaway for our readers.

What is DreamHost Hosting?

DreamHost is the premium hosting provider that has been acclaimed by several mainstream tech websites. They offer various hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. They also offer Managed WordPress Hosting – DreamPress.

If you are a newbie, then you don’t need to go for VPS or dedicated hosting. For a beginner website, shared hosting is more than enough, as that provides unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth.

When I say unlimited, it’s truly unlimited.

If you are new WordPress, and not comfortable with settings and configuration, they have a product called Managed WordPress Hosting exclusive for you guys. With just a click, your WordPress installation will be over. Just you need to concentrate on your site design and optimization.

If you are good in server maintenance, go for shared hosting. Unlike other hosting companies, DreamHost offers you a unique custom cPanel which they build from scratch. This cPanel is very user friendly and interactive. You don’t need to be a technical guy to spin around their dashboard.

How to Avail DreamHost $50 Promo Discount

With this promo discount, you’ll need to pay only $69 for one year shared hosting and a free domain for one year. The original cost of one year hosting is $119, as we offer $50 off on hosting, you are getting a hosting and a free domain for one year at $69.

That’s a great deal. Don’t miss it.

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Simply click on the link above, complete signup process, choose your preferred hosting plan, and the $50 off hosting discount will be added to the invoice at checkout.

You can purchase any hosting and the discount applies on all hosting plans, even with dedicated hosting.

How DreamHost $50 Promo Code Works?

We want to transparent with our readers. We are an official partner of DreamHost Affiliate Program, so when you buy a hosting through us, we’ll receive commission for each referral we make for them. Since you buy the hosting through us, we offer $50 discount from the commission we get. It’s a generous giveaway offer.

There are several blogs out there who are affiliates of DreamHost, but they won’t offer $50 off promo discount on hosting. By either way, both are benefited.

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This offer is valid till December 2016. So, make the most out of this offer. If you have any issues in signing up with the discount, do let us know, we’ll help you to get most of it.

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