Dhanush Paternity Case: Medical Report Denies The Elderly Couple Claim

The most buzzed controversial paternity case, where an elderly couple named Kathiresan and Meenakshi claiming actor Dhanush as their son has come to a conclusion. A few days back the Madurai High Court has asked the actor to appear in person for a medical test, which was conducted by a team of doctors, against the birth marks claimed by the couple.

The doctor’s team from the Madurai Medical College has submitted the report in the court today. In which the report denies the claim of the couple stating that the birth marks was not present on the actor’s body.

Meanwhile, it was widely spread on Monday night that the reports says the body marks have been removed by external laser surgery. But the leaked original report is contradicted with the couple’s claim and thus it would put an end to the long time paternity case.

Here’s the report:

Dhanush Paternity Case Medical Report