Pa Paandi aka Power Paandi Movie Review – A sensible tale of aged teenager

Pa Paandi Review: Cinema lovers have seen Dhanush in different verticals like actor, singer, lyricist, writer, and producer through years now, and the actor has now added one more feather to his hat. He has taken a new avatar as director through Power Paandi aka Pa Paandi, his first directorial movie in Tamil cinema. He is now an all-rounder in t-town.

Pa Paandi Cast & Crew

Cast: Baba Baskar, Chaya Singh Madonna Sebastian, Master Raghavan, Prasanna, Rajkiran, Revathi, Robo Shankar, Vidyullekha Raman
Direction: Dhanush
Screenplay: Dhanush
Story: Dhanush
Banner: Wunderbar Films
Music: Sean Roldan
Release Date: April 14th 2017
Censor: U
Running time: 2 hours 6 minutes

Pa Paandi Story

Power Paandi is about a person of the same name, Rajkiran, retired stunt master who goes on a self-exploration road trip to pursue his own purpose in life after series of incidents in his life. While pursuing his trip, he surprisingly meets his first love Poonthendral (Revathi), who, eventually of his age, a grandmother living in Hyderabad. That’s the core of the movie, and the series of occurrences leading to climax is portrayed beautifully and intriguing, where Dhanush proves his best as a director.

Pa Paandi Review

You’ll experience all sorts of emotions from laughing to crying throughout the movie. The crux of the movie is as simple, but what makes it engaging is the way it is presented. It’s a typical family drama but how it stands different from mainstream family genre is that it shows the generation gap between father and a son, and significance of elder people.

Rajkiran impresses everyone with his magical performance, be it a fight scene or an emotional scene or when playing with his grandchildren, he smashes every ball out of the boundary. He gets standing ovation applause in each and every frame. Yesteryear actress Revathy, on the other hand, becomes a tough contender to Rajkiran as they both have delivered terrific performance

Prasanna essays the role of Raghavan and Chaaya Singh as Prema, his wife and Power Paandi daughter-in-law, have done their part neat with nothing much to complain about their performances. Dhanush appears as the young Power Paandi in the flashback and Madonna Sebastian as the younger Revathi. It seems that Dhanush wanted to appear on big screen in his first directorial, so he has pushed the flashback portion into the movie, which doesn’t fit as expected. It doesn’t add any value to the film, and even without the flashback portion, it will be neat and clean.

It is rare to see movies with minimal flaws and this movie isn’t an exception. The cliché scenes here and there, the flashback portion reduces the pace of the movie, and we felt lags at some places, but when seeing the movie as whole, you won’t count them. You may feel little disappointed when you realize that there are only few scenes of Rajkiran-Revathi, because of the fact that they have delivered mind-blowing performance. The movie would be crisp if they trim it.

Verdict: Pa Paandi aka Power Paandi is a film for all ages of audiences. Anyone can relate to the film. It will make you laugh, cry, think, regret, and so on. An emotional family package. Don’t miss it!

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