Deadman Wonderland Season 2 Spoilers, Release Date Update

Deadman Wonderland, the intriguing animated series is an anime adaptation of the Japanese science fiction ghastliness manga of the same name unfurls an exciting story through various baffling happenings. Originally debuted on the 17th of April 2011, the anime adaptaion aired between April – May simultaneously on TV Kanagawa and Chiba TV. It was later broadcast on Funimation and Adult Swim (Toonami) channels in the United States. Directed by Koichiro Hatsumi and written by Yasuyuki Muto Deadman Wonderland was produced by Manglobe Inc. Funimation Entertainment, Manga Entertainment and Madman Entertainment holds the license for the anime series in North America, UK and Australia respectively.

Deadman Wonderland originally aired between April to July 2011 in Japan. And in North America, the anime aired in between May to August 2012 on Toonami and on the Funimation Channel since    November 30, 2012. It is almost six years since the original series aired in Japan and fans were eagerly waiting for Deadman Wonderland Season 2.

Deadman Wonderland Story and Plot

The anime series Deadman Wonderland begins with an intriguing plotline made by pulling the first 21 chapters of the manga. After a staggering tremor that immersed just about 70% of the grounds of Japan submerged. Just about ten years later, Ganta Igarashi, a lone survivor of the disaster and a normal middle school student of Nagano Prefecture’s was erroneously blamed for killing every one of his class mates. It was the ‘Red Man,’ who killed his classmates, rather killing Ganta, embeds a red crystal shared in Ganta’s chest. Ganta was convicted for the bloody massacre, and sentenced to death and was sent to the Deadman Wonderland prison. It’s a tradition in the prison where prisoners were forced to play a deadly game to entertain visitors.

Ganta with a feeling of vengeance survives in the prison in order to find the mysterious Red Man to substantiate himself unguilty. He later realizes a peculiar strength in him which he can control his own blood and turn it into a weapon and thus becoming the prison’s “Deadmen.” As Deadman het gets a chance to participate in a brutal death match so-called ‘Carnival Corpse’, however, Ganta still continues to search the mysterious Red Man and uncover the mysteries of the prison.

An intriguing storyline holds the most terrifying horror series Deadman Wonderland capable for adult viewing though it’s an anime series, it not meant for children. With a 7.5 IMDb rating the Anime was a standout amongst the most encouraging show. Having strong impact over the viewers, there were no words about the second season, though it completed almost six years since the original series airing.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 Release Update

The first season was only based on the first 21 chapters of the fascinating manga, which comprises of 58 chapters. Since 37 chapters were left behind, we have every reason to look forward for the show runners to bring out the second season. There is a probability that the fanatics of the show may see the awesome show anytime soon, despite the fact the last episode of the original series concluded in 2011. Hold your breath and subscribe to our social media for latest developments about Deadman Wonderland Season 2. Never miss it!