This crazy Rajini fan bought Rs. 1.5 lakh air ticket to meet him midair

There’s no doubt that Superstar Rajinikanth is one of the legendary actors in India, who has millions of fans all around the world. The 66-year-old will meet selected members of his fans club throughout the state, starting Monday. As a part of his tour, he met a faction of his members at Raghavendra Mandapam, Chennai yesterday and took pictures with them.

But you would be astonished to learn what a fan did to meet him. Sreenivasan Jayaseelan, 40, is an ardent thalivar fan, who could do anything for Rajinikanth, and he knew very well that it is not possible to meet him in Chennai amid tight security. And, this happened in 2014.  This guy met Rajinikanth mid-air and spent around 20 minutes with him taking pictures, which he describes the most forgettable moment in his life.

Superstar had a tight shooting schedule for Lingaa movie for which he had to fly to Hong Kong. After learning that, Jayaseelan without thinking of anything, immediately booked tickets for himself and his family on the same flight that Rajinikanth was scheduled to travel, and spent a whopping Rs. 1.5 lakh for air tickets.

When asked about his crazy decision, Jayaseelan said, “Money is nothing infront of my God. We got to breath the same oxygen as our Thalaivar for few hours in the flight. What else do we need.” He met Rajinikanth on the flight and went on to the hotel where he was staying where he spent a lavish time with thalivar.

He was so humble. He got up from the chair and asked my nine-year-old child to sit. Which star will do this. He spoke to us for twenty minutes. My wife requested him to do his signature style by using her sunglasses and he obliged. It’s locked in our memories now,” says an emotional Jayaseelan.

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