Chennai 6000028 II Second Innings Movie Review: Live Audience Response

Venkat Prabhu is back with a bang with the second installment of Chennai 6000028, which has released today. The Chennai 6000028 II: Second Innings movie is written and directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by S. P. B. Charan under Black Ticket Company and Capital Film Works.

Being a sequel to the 2007 super hit Chennai 6000028 film, the second innings has Jai, Mirchi Siva, Nithin Sathya, Akash Arvind, Vijay Vasanth, Vaibhav Reddy, Vijayalakshmi, Sampath Raj, Ajay Raj, Badava Gopi, Anjena Kirti and Premgi and others in the key roles.

Music for the Chennai 6000028 II: Second Innings has been rendered by Yuvan Shakar Raja, Rajesh Yadav has done cinematography and Praveen has handled the editing of the film. While there were no clues how the first innings became a hit, the director has come out with the second innings.

As the first innings, this movie also focuses on street cricket, but the only change is that most of them are married. Unlike the first innings, cricket matches in the matches were being played at the outskirts of Chennai city, presumably in the southern districts. ‘Nee Kidaithai,’ ‘Soppana Sundari’ and ‘Boys Are Back’ songs from the movie have garnered good reviews.

The teaser and trailer of the film have created high anticipation on the movie. The film targets younger generation and they have high hopes on the movie, because the makers have created such hype on the movie. Let’s see whether the film is up to mark or not.

Here we bring audience reaction and response on Chennai 6000028 II: Second Innings

Live Audience Response

Kalyana Devan: 2007 magic repeats in 2016! Enjoyed it to the fullest! Nostalgic! . Splendid job @vp_offl Background score deserves a big applause @thisisysr #chennai28 @Chennai28II

Johnson Jayasurya: Boys are back even more stronger!!!!!!! Think so it’s a venkat prabhucomeback!!!! My YSR background score kiliyuthu…..Waiting for second half

Sarath Kumar: 1st half over  #yuvan BGM vera level❤ Shopana sundhari song ulti theatre roars An emotional 1st half #boysareback

Uday: Interval: Super’o super so far. Had goosebumps for that interval BGM by @thisisysr. Super excited about 2nd half of #Chennai28II innings now
Finished!! @vp_offl easily recreated the magic as expected. #Chennai28IIInnings is must watch if you loved the Part-1 #boyzRback & rocks ✌
Songs could’ve been better. But stil U1 compensated big with superb BGMs. Especially that interval BGM & BadBoyz BGM. Watch out #Chennai28II
CLIMAX naan konjam over’a expect panitan. So for me it was like MSD hitting 4 in d last ball. That’s not enough right? @vp_offl #Chennai28II

Kaushik LM: #Chennai28II – @itisprashanth in an extended cameo In a film where YouTube reviewers are hilariously portrayed, Itisp is there
#Chennai28II – Thalaivan @thisisysr theri piri RR. @actor_vaibhav’s buildup theme & the ‘Appu Kamal’ theme remix vera level. #Yuvan rocks
#Chennai28II 2nd half – Works grt Packed with ROFL moments thanks to Badava Gopi commentary, @vp_offl’s typical satire touches. Feelgood
#Chennai28II 1st half -Lots of fun, booze with the old buddies. C28 brand cricket and trouble follow in Theni. Gets dramatic at the interval
#Chennai28II – When @thisisysr’s name is flashed onscreen with the same BGM as part1, GOOSEBUMPS moment. @vp_offl voiceover (SPB in part1)

Priyanka: A good entertaier #chennai28ii… youths will like it
#chennai28ii should not missed by youths

Abishek S: After a really long time, @actorshiva was nailing it all through! Happy to see him exploit the best of his skill set in #Chennai28II

Sathish Kumar M: #Chennai28II @vp_offl indirectly stresses that reviewers should be honest & shouldn’t go behind money.Honest review by Common Man soon.
#Chennai28II @vp_offl indirectly stresses that reviewers should be honest & shouldn’t go behind money. Honest review by Common Man soon
#Chennai28II Boys are back & satisfies most of the Chennai 28 Part 1 & Cricket lovers to some extent
#Chennai28II First Half Sharks team reunions for @Actor_Jai marriage @ Theni & does what they usually do.

Praveen: #Chennai28II — 3.25/5 V rarely c sequels that outshine the previous. @vp_offl gets back to comfort zone to deliver a fun-filled entertain
#Chennai28II — Simple story with worthwhile screenplay which brings back memorable chars we saw nearly a decade ago #nostalgic #boysareback
#Chennai28II — Friendship, booze, cricket, marriage etc. mixed in right proportions. Some comedy works big time as xpectd. #ITIS atrocity
#Chennai28II — #Yuvan @thisisysr proves his mettle with his distinguished theme-bgm and songs. One of foremost reasons why this film works
#Chennai28II — Technically sound from the first. @Cinemainmygenes’s crisp cuts plus. Loved the songs picturizations. Waiting for part 3.
#Chennai28II — To conclude, #VenkatPrabhu @vp_offl strikes back this time. Safely played game!! Have fun, enjoy with your friends & families

Chennai 6000028 II Second Innings Movie Audience Rating – 3/5

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