Bogan Movie Review

Bogan Movie Review: The most awaited film Bogan, directed by Lakshman of Romeo Juliet fame, has released worldwide today. The film is receiving mixed reviews from audience and critics which has Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy and Hansika Motwani in the lead alongside several actors. Lakshman has delivered a different movie that deals with the type of persons who mask over their attitude and character with an irrelevant god profile. This thing is not everything you see is what it appears to be. It is releasing worldwide under the banner of Prabhu Deva Studios bankrolled by Prabhu Deva & K Ganesh. Check out Bogan movie review.

Bogan Cast & Technicians

Director: Lakshman
Producer: Prabhu Deva, K. Ganesh
Writer: Lakshman
Cast: Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy, Hansika Motwani, Akshara Gowda, Varun
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography:    Soundararajan
Editor: Anthony
Banner: Prabhu Deva Studios
Distributor: Sri Green Productions
Release date: 2 February 2017
Running time: 2 hours 28 mins
Censor: U

Bogan Movie Story & Review

As mentioned earlier, the story of Bogan is like a hide and seek game thing,. Not everything you see is what it appears to be. The characters in Bogan exemplify just that! The film is heavily inspired from Faceoff Hollywood film and the story and screenplay were translated to adopt the taste of local audience.

In the first half Arvind Swamy dominates the screen and steals the show all the way even though there were lots of romances between Jayam Ravi and Hansika. Jayam Ravi is an arrogant cop  fell in head to heels in love with Hansika. The movie gains momentum after establishing all characters with minimal spoilers, keeping the mystery under the wraps. Nobody can complain about Arvind Swamy’s screen presence and he makes the show more interesting with his effortless acting. The screenplay gets engaging where Ravi as a straightforward cop with a lovely family and on the other side Arvind, the baddie with mystic forces lets his life enjoyable.

The core plot of the film is the driving soul-swapping concept where the first half finishes with a driving force to the second half maintaining soul-gripping curiosity. After they switch their souls, both outsmarts each other exhibiting each one’s mannerism and that leads to the downside of the script.

The film looks colorful and bright, thanks to Soundrarajan for his wonderful piece of work. Imman’s music is an added advantage to the film. The background score tells the story politely and sometime roughly. There are lots of sleek and crisp cuts. Some songs were hit already and they look pretty good in visuals too.At some point of time, the screenplay loses its grip over the audience with series of sequences that failed to help the film.

Jayam Ravi brings out energetic performance, evident on the screens, though he can’t continue to imitate as Arvind Swamy after switching the roles. It apparently appears to be a competition and both brings out their best on visuals. Hansika has done justice to her charcter. Others have done their best. The problem with the film is the storytelling way that misses clarity in narration. At some point of time, audience gets confused as the film gets deviated from its story line and somehow manages to get back to it. Lakshman has already given a hit with Jayam Ravi and Hansika, so the expectation was high on the film and obviously has Arvind Swamy onboard too.

The trails of Thani Oruvan chemistry between Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy carried over in Bogan as well. Lakshman way of storytelling is pretty engaging to some point and eventually loses its grip over audience with unwanted flow of sequences that makes the film a bit lengthy. Lakshman should have cut short the screenplay and should have played with engaging factors as he had done in the first half.

Overall, Bogan is a watchable thriller that rides high on Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy performances.

Bogan Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5