Black Friday 2016 Deals & Coupons: Best Deals on Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC Smartphones

Black Friday 2016 Deals & Coupons: This year, Black Friday falls on the 25th of November, the last Friday of the month of November. Black Friday is celebrated across the world, but predominantly in the US since 1932, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which is immediately followed by Cyber Monday.

Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season in the US which is apparently referred to as Christmas Shopping Season in the US. Starting Black Friday, people in the US and the UK begin spending money splurge buying gifts for friends and family members. Black Friday is considered as the biggest shopping festival in the Western countries because the retail shops will be opened for long hours with loads of discounts and deals. Not only brick and mortar, even online retailers like Amazon, ebay and all e-tailers run sitewide promotions, deals and offers.

A lot of e-tailers including Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy had already stated Black Friday Sale with generous offers and Discounts. Here are the best deals on smartphones for the Black Friday 2016.

Black Friday Deals on Apple iPhones

If you are the person looking out to gift or buy a brand new iPhone series, Sprint has an exciting monthly installment and lease plans, which gets you $100 Best Buy gift card. You can redeem the gift card at Best Buy stores.

Buying iPad Mini 4 at Best Buy gives you $125 discount.

Black Friday Deals on Samsung smartphones

Best Buy offers exclusive deals on purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 series. When you exchange your old phones with Galaxy S7 series, Best Buy offers $450 worth gift card. You can buy Samsung Galaxy S7 with monthly installment options from verizon, Sprint or AT&T. Also, you’ll get gift vouchers on buying unlocked Galaxy S7 series smartphones.

[$250 Best Buy Gift Card with a Monthly Instalment Billing purchase and activation of a Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, or S7 active + $200 Best Buy Gift Card with Trade In of any working Smartphone. Valid in store only]

Black Friday Deals on HTC Smartphones

HTC is offering best discounts and deals on its flagship smartphones HTC 10 and HTC One M9. Whne you buy HTC 10, you will get a maximum discount of $200 off the phone while you can buy HTC One M9 at $300 at HTC stores.

Black Friday Deals on Motorola smartphones

If you buy Moto Z Droid (Verizon exclusive) on Best Buy, you can save $384 for which you can opt either monthly installment plans ($9.99/month) or 24-month contract ($201.99).

Black Friday Deals on LG smartphones

At Best Buy, if you buy the flagship LG G5, you will be given two options – People who opt for AT&T service can claim free $100 Best Buy gift card with monthly installment plan. On the other hand, people who choose either Verizon or Sprint are entitled to get free $300 Best Buy gift card when they buy and activate the LG G5 with monthly installment.

Best Buy is offering $200 worth e-gift for LG G4 with either AT&T or Sprint’s monthly installment plan.

Best Buy offers $25 worth reward points on purchase of other brand smartphones.