Bindu Madhavi joins Bigg Boss Tamil, reveals Oviya is her toughest contender

Bigg Boss Tamil: It’s obvious that the Hindi Bigg Boss counterpart – Bigg Boss Tamil – has accomplished the craze and fame in short period. The show has been the talk of the town becoming the part of everyone’s life, thanks to the overwhelming drama, fun, twists, turns and of course the contestants.

In an exciting development, actress Bindu Madhavi makes a grand entry into the Bigg Boss house as wild card contestant. She grabbed the eyeball of the audience as well as the contestants as it were kept under the wraps until last weekend, revealed Oviya is her toughest rival, when she was asked about it by Kamal Haasan.

Bindu Madhavi is quite aware of each and every contestant and how public perceive them which is an added advantage for her. However, as per Bigg Boss norms, she shouldn’t discuss things happening outside Bigg Boss with the contestants. It is clearly evident that Bindu Madhavi is quite a buzz amongst Bigg Boss fans as the fans of Oviya Army and Bindu Army started to involve in verbal duel on who is going to win the title.

I’m pretty much excited with Bindu Madhavi joining the Bigg Boss will certainly raise the temperature inside the Bigg Boss house, the coming week promises to be dirtier, and more melodramatic than you could have ever imagined.

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