Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting, Missed Call Voting, Nomination, Elimination Details

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Bigg Boss is the most popular and controversial television reality show, inspired from international version Big Brother. Bigg Boss Telugu has kick started on July 16th which created a huge buzz among people. Young Tiger Jr NTR is hosting the first season of the Telugu version of Bigg Boss on Star Maa channel which is the highest produced television show on Telugu.

The Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting and weekly nominations have begun on Day 1 on Bigg Boss. People are the mere judges of the show just like other reality shows, and can vote to save their favorite contestants to remain in the show. Here’s the roundup of Bigg Boss Vote Telugu, Nominations and Evictions.

Unlike the international version, the Indian version of Bigg Boss selects celebrities as contestants to make the show entertaining. The chosen 14 contestants (housemates) will spend the next 70 days in the purposely built lavish house (Bigg Boss house) which is completely cut off from the outside world. Bigg Boss will be overseeing them and give tasks and instructions. The housemates are constantly monitored 24/7 through 60 cameras installed inside the house. Rest room is the only place to have some private time.

Each week, housemates will select three nominees (based on voice vote) for eviction and subsequently the nominees will take part in public voting. The contestant who gets the least number of votes among the nominated contestants will be evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Voting

The online voting for Bigg Boss Telugu is yet to go live and will be updated once it goes live.

1.) Google ‘Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote’ or ‘Star Maa Bigg Boss Voting’.

2.) The eviction nominees will be displayed in the search result.

3.) Login to your Google account and vote for your favorite contestant.

4.) You can select the number of votes you want to cast to a contestant (Up to 50 votes per day).

5.) You can also cast votes for all the nominated contestants at a time.

6.) Then, click on submit votes.

Online Voting starts on every Monday at 10 PM and ends on Friday at 11:59 PM.

Bigg Boss Vote – Missed Call

If you wish to save any of these contestants from eviction, you can give a missed call from your phone to the following numbers. The numbers will be active only when they go for public voting

Vote for Hariteja, Missed Call Number – 08433900171

Vote for Katthi Kartheeka, Missed Call Number – 08433900169

Vote for Mahesh Katth, Missed Call Number – 08433900168

Vote for Shiva Balaji, Missed Call Number – 08433900170

Vote for Mumaith Khan, Missed Call Number – 08433900162

Vote For Dhanraj , Missed Call Number – 08433900173

Vote for Aadarsh Balakrishna, Missed Call Number – 08433900172

Vote for Archana aka Veda Sastry, Missed Call Number – 08433900160

Vote for Kalpana, Missed Call Number – 08433900167

Vote for Sameer, Missed Call Number – 08433900161

Vote for Prince Cecil, Missed Call Number – 08433900163

Vote for Jyothi, Missed Call Number – 08433900166

Vote for Sampoornesh Babu, Missed Call Number – 08433900165

Vote for Madhupriya, Missed Call Number – 08433900164

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 2 Eviction

Sampoornesh Babu was the second contestant to be evicted from the house due to health issues. Singer Madhupriya was eliminated form the house in the second week eviction, who was singled out in the house as she couldn’t able to cope up with Bigg Bosss rules. she didn’t win the likes of the contestants as well as people.

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 1 Eviction

In the first week of nomination, housemates wanted these five contestants to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house – Hariteja, Jyothi, Katthi Kartheeka, Madhupriya and Makesh Katthi. It was Jyothi who was the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants List

Here’s the complete list of all of the contestants participating in the show and their current status in the game. You can also check their biography and other details.

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