Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction: Ganja Karuppu got evicted from Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction: Housemates have successfully ventured into the second week on Bigg Boss and that started off the nominations for second week eviction. Anuya was expelled from the show as her performance in the show hasn’t impressed audience. People had voted against her and Julie got favorable votes who is now in safe zone.

We saw housemates singled her out in the first week and looks like she somehow figured out to adapt with the housemates. Julie has been their target and been accused of playing a double game in the show. It’s uncertain on how long she would survive in the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 Eviction Nominees

  1. Bharani – Safe
  2. Ganja Karuppu – Eliminated
  3. Oviya – Safe

It is Bharani who is now the common target of the housemates who they want to eliminate from the show. Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and Oviya have been nominated for this week’s eviction. Housemates have accused that he isn’t ready to blend with others and creating discomfort to all of them. Ganja Karuppu was accused for not having interest in the show while Oviya was charged for her languid acts.

Week 2 Eviction:

In the second week eviction of Bigg Boss Tamil, Ganja Karuppu has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. He has received less votes among three nominees, but Kamal Haasan didn’t reveal the exact number of votes he had received. Oviya has received around 15 million (1.5 crore) votes, the highest of the three, followed by Bharani with 12  million (1.2 crore) votes.

The elimination came as a shocker for everyone in the Bigg Boss house as they believed Bharani would be evicted from the house, which they want. They even went on to say the voting wasn’t real and the results could have been manipulated. whatsoever, now there are 12 contestants in the Bigg Boss house.

They are in danger zone and let’s see who is going to be expelled from the show. As they were nominated for eviction, they will eventually go for public voting to prove their innocence. People can now vote for favorite contestant in either of the two ways – Bigg Boss Online Voting and Missed Call.

Bigg Boss Online Voting

Google ‘Bigg Boss Vote’ or ‘Bigg Boss Voting’.

The eviction contestants will be displayed in the search result.

Login to your Google account and vote for your favorite contestant.

You can select the number of votes you want to cast to a contestant.

You can also cast votes for all the nominated contestants at a time.

Then, click submit votes.

Online Voting ends on Friday at 11:59 PM.

Missed Call

Viewers can also register their vote by giving a missed call assigned to each of the nominated contestant from their phones. These are three nominees for Bigg Boss Tamil Second Week Eviction.

Vote for Bharani Missed Call Number – 7210122303

Vote for Ganja Karuppu Missed Call Number – 7210122305

Vote for Oviya Missed Call Number – 7210122310