Bigg Boss Tamil: Vaiyapuri eliminated; Snehan enters finale

It was quite an alluring weekend episode on Bigg Boss Tamil as it revealed the first golden ticket holder for the finale. Bigg Boss has said earlier that the golden ticket will be given to the contestant who tops the points table and tasks were given according to that. The finale will see four contestants compete for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season One Title.

Aarav and Snehan had a tug of war on who will get the golden ticket, but it is none other than Snehan who has grabbed the first golden ticket for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season One finale. He is one among the four finalists, so from now, other contestants cannot nominate him for eviction or he cannot be eliminated from the show until the finals. Kamal Haasan himself gave the golden ticket to Snehan after a brief visit to the house.

Snehan tops the points table with 39 points followed by Aarav and Bindhu with 36 points and Ganesh Venkatram with 31 points. Snehan is already in the safe zone and can’t wait to see who the other three finalists are. It looks like few contestants weren’t happy with Snehan winning the golden ticket.

As expected, Vaiayapuri has been eliminated from the show as part of the elimination process. With his elimination, there are six contestants left in the house – Snehan, Aarav, Suja Varunee, Harish, Bindhu, and Ganesh Venkatraman. Having said, Snehan is already in for the finals, contestants will fight to claim their golden tickets, which is going to be exciting in the days to come.