Bigg Boss Tamil Update – Clarification on Oviya’s Alleged Suicide Attempt & Police Probe

Bigg Boss Tamil Update: What is happening inside Bigg Boss Tamil sets? Did Oviya attempt suicide?  Why did Police storm the Bigg Boss sets at EVP Theme Part? These are some of the questions bothering tens of millions Oviya fans, as we speak. Based on information from reliable sources, this is what happened at the premises today.

Police Investigation

Earlier this week, a plumber form Mumbai named Ibrahim Shaik, working on the sets died of a seizure. He was immediately taken to the KMC but he couldn’t make it to the hospital, died on the way itself. The Nazarethpet Police who is handling the case right now, visited the sets post lunch for formal inquiry regarding the death. This has nothing to do with Oviya and all those fabricated stories.

Oviya’s Alleged Suicide Attempt

Somehow, the news spread like a wildfire on social media and social media users fabricated stories linking the police probe with Oviya as if she attempted suicide. This created a rage of buzz on Social media. Some went on to the extent of spilling their creativity on this regard, however, rumours are rumours. Just take them with a pinch of Salt.

Update: Oviya is desperate about leaving the show who went on to jump into the swimming pool trying to attempt suicide, but other contestants saved her. She is very unstable. Going by today’s episode, she may leave the show. The channel didn’t even post the promo of tomorrow’s episode, creating a buzz among her fans. We’ll have to wait to find out what would happen next. Say tuned.

Is Oviya Quitting the Show

We have learnt that Oviya wants to quit the show after the rift between her and Aarav. Looks like she has expressed her wish of quitting the show to Bigg Boss team, and it is up to the makers to let her out or convince her. We are looking forward to a nail biting weekend show with Kamal Haasan.