Bigg Boss Tamil: ‘Trigger Star’ Shakthi eliminated, Raiza & Gayathri at tug war

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 7 Elimination: Amid speculations and expectations, Sunday’s episode on Bigg Boss Tamil came as quite a shock for Gayathri as her long time friend and fellow contestant Shakthi Vasudevan was eliminated from Kamal Haasan hosted TV reality show. On Saturday, Kamal Haasan announced that Bindu Madhavi and Ganesh Venkatraman were saved from eviction with people’s support.

With Gayathri Raguram and Vaiyapuri were already saved through tasks, Shakthi, Aarav and Snehan were in danger zone. Each of the contestants in danger zone is quite anticipated that they would be evicted from the show, but the elimination came as a surprise for them but people are very much sure that Shakthi will be eliminated. Kamal Haasan didn’t take much of the time and announced that Shakthi is the contestant to be evicted this week.

Gayathri seemed upset and dejected as her only companion in the show was eliminated. While Raiza looked very much confident as her prediction comes true (seems she was enjoying it) who desperately wanted Shakthi to be out of the show. Arav and Snehan were quite relieved with the eviction of Shakthi. They bid emotional farewell to Shakthi.

Talking about his eviction to Kamal Haasan, Shakthi said he was quite relieved as he was afraid that he could lose his temper with the contestants becoming thin. He said he will never return back to Bigg Boss when Kamal asked him if he could make re-entry if he is given another chance. In case you do not know, this is the first time Shakthi was nominated and it ended up pretty badly for him.

At the end of Sunday’s episode, Kamal Haasan announced that this week will have two wildcard entries into the house. He also hinted that people will celebrate it but not the housemates. Judging by his announcement, it will be wither Bharani or Oviya to renter into the Bigg Boss Tamil.

Are you surprised by this week’s eviction? Bharani or Oviya – Who will be that wild card entry? Share your thoughts in the space below.