Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 3 (June 27, 2016): Nomination for elimination begins, Juliana targeted and lots of fun and drama

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Episode 3: The third episode of Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss Tamil revealed the real face of the contestants. The day 1 ended with quite a serious task. Nomination process for elimination kick started in the late hours of the day. Juliana, Shree and Anuya were the three contestants to be nominated for this week eviction by other contestants. Almost all of them targeted Juliana for her attention grabbing attitude which they felt quite bit annoying.

Shree in danger zone

The day 2 started off with contestants wishing Eid to viewers out there and requested Bigg Boss for Biryani as Eid’s special. Looks like, they had some fun for a while. Meanwhile, house leader (Snehan) was asked to form three teams – one for cooking, another for washing utensils and third for cleaning the house. And, they formed three teams, cooking team was headed by Gayathri, dish washing team by Juliana and cleaning team by Ganesh Venkatram.

Oviya – Aarar Love Episode

Celebrity contestant Oviya and Raiza was seen having fun with Aarar. Oviya pulled trigger over him, asking whom he is dating currently and went on to propose to him when he said that he was not in relationship right now. Raiza joined with her and they both had good time with him. It’s not known whether Oviya has interest on him or playing otherwise. She even said “Aarar looks hot” when they were involved in another task.

Oviya Aarav love episode

Looks like Juliana to be the common target of the house, Harathi and Gayathri cornered her in two instances – one in the bedroom conversation when they shared stories about hospitals and nurses and other in the kitchen. Juliana, herself being a nurse, had to defend her profession and it seemed they both never care to listen when she tried to explain why she raised slogans against politicians during Jallikattu protest. Juliana felt a surge of anxiety and cut her hand while washing utensils.

Shree helps Juliana

Shree helped her out by cleaning her hand and applying ointment. Meanwhile, cooking team was called inside the confession room for a task. They were asked to identify childhood photos of other contestants (not from cooking team), remember and reveal it when they were asked to do so. They were instructed not to reveal to anyone else in the house until then.

Shree helps out Juliana

Moreover, contestants start to show off their real face. Since all of the 15 housemates were from different background, some couldn’t able to gel with the rest of the contestants. Raiza and Anuya seemed to quite uncomfortable with others, Shree refrains from others, and Juliana thinks herself ‘oversmart’ and her inferiority complex makes her to do attention grabbing acts.

Luxury budget task

Bigg Boss tamil luxury budget task

Luxury budget tasks were introduced in the season, wherein contestants were asked to give individual self assessment speech on why they think they could win the title of the first season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Each housemate justified themselves and the stage turned interesting when Juliana was giving her speech. While everyone ended up with short speech, she came out with a lengthy speech, mostly emotional dramatized speech and out of the box content. Shakthi interrupted her and asked to end her speech and stick to the point.  It was rude, though.

Juliana drama speech

That’s enough for her; Juliana created a big scene, locked up herself in the smoking room and started crying aloud. Ganesh and Snehan tried to pacify her. She spoke to audience and Bigg Boss that everyone was afraid of a commoner winning the title of the show. After lots of drama, love and fun, the episode ended with the contestants’ request of Biryani served for dinner.

We are very much excited and looking forward on what will happen in the coming days. Who will be eliminated in this week? Will Shree go easy with others? Will Juliana counter other housemates who target her? Will Aarar respond to Oviya’s proposal? Keep watching Bigg Boss Tamil and follow us for answers.

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