Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 2 (June 26, 2017): No big action yet, Snehan selected as House Leader

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Episode 2: It’s only day 2 in the Tamil version of popular TV reality show Bigg Boss and nothing quirky acts happened in the show. The course of action of the show is yet to start in the coming days as contestants will have to take up exciting tasks. Let’s have a quick ramp up of what happened on Day 1.

Since it was day 1, food was offered to the contestants and their luggage was handed over to them. With two of the female contestants left to share a bed as others already booked their spot, it was celebrity contestant Harathi who shared her bed with commoner Juliana. While it looked like a small fight to break out in midnight, when Harathi refused to share her bed, but it all ended up to be a prank.

Aarthi and Juliana fights over for bed

Celebrity contestants Oviya was awake all the night as she suffered from home sickness. She couldn’t able to adapt herself to a new place, however, she has already snapped like of audiences with her cute night moments. She looked tired, but managed to cope up in the early morning, and she looked cute when she asked Bigg Boss a banana and green tea. She will be in safe zone at least for now as she is wining over the likes of viewers.

Oviya cute moments bigg boss tamil

Shree, on the other hand, wasn’t able to gel with the new place and seen sad roaming around. Looks like Shree was quite inconvenient and went on to say “Why I agreed to take part in the show”. He tried talking to Bigg Boss before Shakthi, Juliana and Ganja Karuppu tried to make him feel comfortable.

After a lots of giggles and chuckles moments, Harathi was summoned to the confession room where a task was given to the contestants to choose their leader of the house. Each contestant casted their voice votes and when a tie broke out between Snehan and Ganesh Venkatram, Snehan was selected as the leader of the house unanimously.

bigg boss tamil episode 1 moments

Be it to Cooking or Cleaning, contestants agreed to form groups to make them involved in respective tasks.  Looks like contestants were seen getting accustomed with each other. Meanwhile, elimination process for this week has also started with three contestants Anuya, Shree and Juliana in danger zone. Public voting has also started. Here’s a brief article on how to cast votes with other related information.

There a lots of fascinating moments to come in the coming days. Watch Bigg Boss Tamil online on Hotstar app.