Bigg Boss Tamil: It’s Raiza vs Suja inside the house; housemates target Snehan

The Tamil version of Bigg Boss, which is in its eight week, has witnessed some unexpected turns of events including three wild card entries and the eviction of Gayathri Raguram. Following Suja Varunee’s entry into the Bigg Boss house, housemates began to prank her and it lasted until she realized how stupid she was.

Later in Saturday’s episode during Q&A session, Suja confronted an audience question to Raiza of how can she prank Suja and tell others to continue with it when she refrained herself from ghost task. For which she replied it was funny for her and other housemates and she has nothing to do with it if Suja takes it personal. She was extremely rude to her and didn’t apologize to her too.

The tug of war started between them the moment Suja realized that Raiza made fun about her and was enjoying it to the core. Raiza didn’t even care about that Suja has been hurt by her actions and deliberately avoided to talk about it with her.

With the week’s nomination process up for today, Suja nominates Raiza for hurting her while Raiza nominates Snehan and Suja. With Gayathri’s eviction Snehan becomes the prime target of nominations as Raiza, Kaajal, Aarav, and Bindu turn against him. We can see lots of intense drama inside the house with days to come.