Is Oviya overreacting? What’s your take?

Bigg Boss Tamil: When a reality show becomes extremely unrealistic and impractical, people will naturally tend to lose their interest over it and eventually the viewing rating will drop dramatically.  This is what happening with Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss. For the past couple of days on Bigg Boss, there aren’t any interesting segments, but we got to see only the romantic drama of Oviya and Aarav.

It looks Oviya has drastically changed after Julie’s stunning drama episodes due to which she is losing support from her fans. It may be due to the mental stress that she had gone the whole time. However, the way she deals with Aarav isn’t reasonable, which annoys viewers, though, it is clearly evident that he isn’t smart enough to defend himself.

Going by Oviya’s own words, it seems Aarav has taken advantage of her innocence, who is longing for love and affection. Aarav, however, played his part brilliantly as he didn’t either accept her love or propose to her but has taken the liberty of being a romantic partner. Whatsoever, Bigg Boss is just a reality show meant for entertainment and even we do not know whether it’s a scripted or not (that’s a different debate), but I see people taking it serious, which they don’t need to.

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